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We consider these the two most desired bloodlines in a gaited horse endurance prospect. 
Both stallions have consistently proven themselves to pass on many desired characteristics including endurance and range of gait  to include impressive Largo speed.

Mi Sueno (My Dream)
Paso Fino Stallion
PFHA# 15,807
DOB 3/10/89

Son of Legendary Coral LaCe
( 13 Time Top 10 sire, Multi Time #1 Sire of the Year, and PFHA Hall of Fame Sire )

(Coral LaCe x Rosi)
 This 1989 dark Chestnut Paso Fino stallion possesses the size, agility,
and heart displayed by his sire, Coral LaCE.
His strength and stamina, contrast with the gentle disposition and willing
spirit that lives in his blood.
Clearly Mi Sueno can sire the foal of your dreams.

Mi Sueno is proud, elegant, tall, and fast!
Look to this naturally gaited Paso Fino Stallion to add size, a natural elegant head set, and range of gait to your Paso Fino mare.
Breedings are Limited and offered to Approved Mares Only.


Mi Sueno is 56% Coral Lace, and believed to be the highest % Coral Lace Stallion available for breeding.

Stud Fee:
$1,000.00 LFG
limited outside bookings


 Maraton de MiLe
Paso Fino Stallion
DOB 7/29/97
PFHA# 29120

(Cantante de Omega x Nueva epoca de Mile)

Maraton is a son of Cantante out of a daughter of Coral LaCe.
He is approx 15H and jet black.
Maraton consistently produces large, attractive, naturally smooth gaited Paso Fino foals that are well regarded
and loved by their owners.

Look to Maraton for size, color,
and one of the highest % Cantante stallions available.

Maraton is 50% Cantante de Omega
and 25% Coral LaCe

Related Horses for Sale
Maraton has a 2016 filly out of
Dulce Nieves, Pilar de la Pluma, which is for sale!

Stud Fee: 
           $750.00 LFG            



 Sundancer de Melodia WBF
Paso Fino Stallion
DOB 11/23/02
PFHA# 44,444

(Sundancer Mako x Eve de Vez)

Buck is a 14.2H son of one of the fastest Coral LaCe sons ever. 
Add to that his dam is a Buckskin daughter of Cantante de Omega
and a buckskin daugther of Coral LaCe
and you have an amazing pedigree to add to your mares
from which you wish to produce tremendous stamina and range of gait.

Buck is 37.5% Coral Lace 
and 25% Cantante de Omega
with Puerto Rican dam lines

Video Clips
(slow motion faster gait) 
(slow motion indoors slow corto)
Stud Fee:
            Standing Now in Florida, Inquire for details.

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Buck has 3 beautiful foals on the ground in 2015
Muneca de la Pluma (sold)
Seeker de la Pluma (sold)
Sendra de la Pluma
            2 foals on the ground in 2016. 
Esencia de la Pluma
Futuro de la Pluma  
4 of the 5 are Buckskin. 

 El Orgullo de la Pluma™
aka Pride

Paso Fino Stallion

DOB 5/21/2008
PFHA # 56,788

(Mi Sueno x Lyra's Angel) "Pride"
 is a good sized colt. Flashy in movement and color!
Turn heads everywhere you go.
Pride has completed 120 days of training
during the summer of 2012 and he is ready for his new home.

Tons of potential in this Paso Fino colt.
His sire and dam have both produced successful distance horses.
His genetics and color lend some interesting possibilities in breeding
 or his gentle nature makes for an amazing, quality gelding.

Pride is 34.25% Coral LaCe
with Puerto Rican dam lines

Video Links:

90 Days



Hill & Log

With the dog

Bridle Path


Rain Coat

For Sale


Heredero de la Pluma™ (Sold)
Paso Fino Stallion
PFHA# 46,981
DOB 5/1/05

(Mi Sueno x Ilusion de Estaban)
This tall chestnut Paso Fino colt has white on all four legs.
He is a full brother to Mirage, Mysteria, and Estrella.
Sire is our Coral LaCe son and his dam is line bred Chucano.
 This is a super cross and we have been really happy with the results of.
Harry is currently in training.
Measured 4/12 14.2 Hands.

Harry is 28% Coral LaCe 
on Champion, Pure Columbian dam lines

Video Links:

90 Days


On the Trail

Water Crossing

Water crossing I
Raincoat I

In the woods, hill and log

For Sale

Mito de MiLe (SOLD)
Paso Fino Stallion
Grandson of Coral LaCE

(Juarez x Cancioneta de MiLe)
1997 Golden Palomino

Mito de Mile is a solid built 14- 14.1Hand Golden Palomino Stallion. 
He has produced well for us earning nearly $90,000 in stud fees and sale of offspring.

Mito consistently has a strong influence on his
 offspring's personality, temperament,  substance, and color.  
2000-2009 Production records:
35 Foals Produced
21 Colts
14 Fillies
13 Palomino, 8 Buckskin, 11 Chestnut, 2 Black
and only 1 Bay

            See photos of some Mito offspring;
Carlos and
Reno on the geldings page,
Neenia on the fillies page and About Time on our Mares page.

Mito is fearless and outgoing. 
He is an easy keeping horse with a substantial build and very natural gait. 
His  sire, Juarez, was a pure Puerto palomino;
his dam, a cream buckskin, daughter of Coral LaCE. 
He is trail ridden and has limited Competitive Trail experience. 
Mito has been used for breed demos, and for mounted shooting practice. 
He trail rides with mares, geldings and other stallions or alone. 

Mito is 25% Coral LaCe
75% Pure Puerto Rican

Video Links:


August 2012

For Sale:
Sold! Congratulations Tricia!


Sueno de Plata del Pluma
aka "Nickleback" (SOLD)
Paso Fino Stallion
Grandson of Coral LaCE

(Mi Sueno x Pluma)
2002 Gray Stallion will always be one of our favorite Feather Hill Horses. 
You will never meet a more gentlemanly stallion. 
This horse is so elegant and sweet you will want him for yourself!

Nickleback has extensive trail experience riding with mares and other stallions. 
Camping over night with mares. 
Limited distance riding experience.
 Lots of work around the farm and even a little fun with cows.

Nick is 28% Coral LaCe
on Champion Columbian dam lines 

For Sale $6000 SOLD
ideo Links:

Camaleon de la Pluma (SOLD)
Paso Fino Stallion
DOB 4/15/09

(Mi Sueno x Ilusion Estaban)
This colt is a full brother to Heredero de Pluma.
Measured 5/11 at 14.1 Hands tall.

This colt is 28% Coral LaCe
 with Columbian dam lines

For Sale $5000 

Video Link:
90 days Under Saddle

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