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We currently have a few good riding horses Available for On Farm Lease. Inquire FMI.


  Lucero de Mi Sueno Pluma
aka Lucy
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 51165
DOB 5/6/07

(Mi Sueno x Tejedora de la Estancia) This is a good size, approx 14H bay Mi Sueno daughter. She is a little green and will continue her training over the winter.  She is under saddle, riding trails and on the road with traffic.  Her gait is very natural with a soft footfall and significant range from Corto to Largo. She has a good stop and back.  She can be ridden bitless but is currently being bitted. She has been learning to turn on the fore and haunches and lateral work to open gates. Lucy is performing a nice half pass.  She goes thru water both streams and puddles and has been in the Susquehanna River a few times over the summer.
Lucy is also a proven broodmare. She is easy to handle for breeding and is an excellent mother. Her 
2015 Filly has been sold to an Endurance Rider who plans to use her for distance riding. 
Lucy is an easy keeper who gets along well with other horses in the pasture.  She can be single or cross tied and she ground ties. She stands well for grooming and mounting from either side. She is healthy with good feet. She has no history of vices, and no history of lameness or health issues.
Lucy participated in our 2016 3 day Larry Whitesell Horsemanship Clinic and did extremely well.

Inquire for more information

January 2017 You Tube Video:
    December You Tube Video:
Opening Gates and Water Puddles 

On The Bridle Path

October 2016 Video:

In Hand Gait

Lucy's with her Filly  

$5000 open
 includes 30 days training


Valia de Mile
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 51913
DOB 05/26/07

(Maraton de Mile x Espirea Ulmaria de Mile)  Stunning Black n White Pinto Paso Fino Mare.  Valia is currently in training.  Naturally smooth gaited, Vilia is elegant and beautiful.  Inquire for status.

YouTube Video Links

For Sale


      Horse for Sale or Lease        
Isabelle Eclipse del Padre
Paso Fino Mare  
PFHA# 33087
DOB 6/14/99

 (Monarcas Eclipse Pisadas x Charytin del Brujo)
This palomino Paso Fino mare is a proven broodmare having blessed us with several elegant Paso Fino foals.  Her sire is a son of Corals Monarca de vez who is a son of Coral LaCe. Her dam goes to Kofresi.
In the past Isabelle has been used for beginner lessons but she is currently best suited for a confident somewhat experienced rider.  If you are interested in this mare call or email to discuss price and terms.  I will lease Isabelle to a local rider who will put miles on her, However I am highly motivated to find her a suitable home.

Isabelle is 12.5% Coral LaCe



For Sale
 $3500 Open
SPECIAL  $2500      




For Sale or Lease
Mercedez del Paradero
Paso Fino Mare  

Quiet Beginner Safe - Husband Safe - Visitor Trail Horse

(Galan del Paradero x Juanita del Pradero)
1998 bay & white tobiano full Puerto Rican mare. Very sweet, nice mover with a strong pinto background. Mercedez has a soft footfall and sneaky amazing Largo speed!
 Look for Mercedez foals, Mocha, Lakota, Electra, Phoenix and Gitana.

Mercedez 2001 - 2009 Production Record:
8 Foals Produced
3 Colts
5 Fillies
5 Black & White Tobiano
1 Chestnut Tobiano
1 Tri- Color Tobiano
1 Bay

For Sale to Approved Home
Available for on Farm Lease




      Sueno Vez de la Pluma™ SOLD
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 59,034
DOB 4/15/09

(Mi Sueno x About Time)
Is there a chestnut mare in your future? This filly measured 14.1 Hands tall 6/12. This filly is sweet, willing and well gaited, forward moving with a nice range. She goes alone or in a group. In the woods or on the road with traffic. She is an excellant prospect for pleasure trail or distance riding. She is ready for her new home! 

You Tube Video Links:
6/13 short clip

Hear her natural 4 beat approx 2wks under saddle:

Trail steep hills

Bridle Path

Around Tractor

Water Crossing

Tacking Up

Riding in the field

Riding in the driveway

Sueno hear natural 4 beat – 60 days

Sueno 60 days under saddle


Woods I





             Veronica de la Victoria - SOLD
1996 Bay Paso Fino Mare

(Postin de la Esperanza x Rosa Canelada VillaMarcela)

1996 Bay Paso Fino Mare. Born in Columbia, Imported in 2000 by Victor Forero. Vicki has 1222 show points in Fino Mares. She was awarded Legion of Merit, Title of Proficiency and High Point Fino Mare of the year with owner Allen Freedman. She has produced 10 foals. She is UTD on shots, coggins, teeth, farrier and dewormings. $2000 includes saddle, saddle pad, bridle and rain sheet. Will consider a 30 day on farm lease for buyer to assure this mare is a good match. Make appt to see Veronica.

Congratulations to the new owner! 

Available for Adoption

Available Adoption
Carlita Sin Precio
Paso Fino Mare

PFHA# 27,027
DOB 06/06/96

Carlita is a 15.1 Hand Chestnut Paso Fino Mare with blaze and two hind socks, 2 front coronets. Carlita is a great granddaughter of Coral LaCe, thru her sire. Thru her dam she offers bloodlines of Triunfo and Hilachas. Carlita has produced chestnut and palomino foals all of above average height.

Carlita was green broke at approx 3-4 yrs old. Since this time she has been a valuable member of our broodmare band and has not been ridden.

Carlita is sound with no known health issues. She is an easy keeper. She is a willing broodmare and a good mother.

Her 2001-2009 Production records:
7 Foals
4 Colts
3 Fillies
3 Palomino
4 Chestnut

Her last colt, Carlos de Pluma has been sold to an Endurance Rider but is still pictured on our geldings page. Take a look at what she can produce for you!

This is an exceptional opportunity for you to add an above average height Paso Fino mare to your breeding program. She has much yet to offer!

Carlita is 12.5% Coral LaCe

Horse for Sale or Adoption to Approved Home


    Alma Mia de MiLe (sold)
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 42487
DOB 5/12/03

(Maraton de MiLe x Vecina de MiLe)

I was so excited to add Alma Mia to our breeding program. However, due to the addition of her sire to our breeding program I will consider selling this sweet mare.

Alma has continued her training. She is traffic safe and has recently begun trail work.

Alma brings together the fine lines of Legendary Paso Fino Stallions; Coral LaCe, Cantante de Omega & Majestuoso.

Alma is 38% Cantante de Omega
12.5% Coral LaCe


Alma's first ride outside

October '14 Video Update

For Sale



Gitana de la Pluma™
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA # 57,084
DOB 4/11/09

(Mi Sueno x Mercedez )
This is a another very tall filly! She is a sweetheart!
Measured 14.2 Hands tall 11/10.
Measured 14.3 Hands tall 11/13.
Measured 14.35 2/14.
Gitana is the perfect horse we can put visitors, husbands, and beginners on to experience the smooth natural gait of the Paso Fino Horse.  Gitana is quiet, sensible, non competitive yet boasts an impressive Largo. She is traffic safe with many trail miles including overnight camping trips and lessons added to her resume. 

Gitana is 28% Coral LaCe
out of a Pure Puerto Rican dam.



Video Links:
Corto Largo


In Training

In the woods

Water Crossing


On the trail, log and hill






Dulce Nieves
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 31105
DOB 5/31/98

(GR Chico Magnifico x Pilar deSu Casa)
Nieves is stunning, tall, sweet, and well gaited. She passes these qualities on to her babies. We were so pleased with her daughter Luna and her son Alarido that we jumped at the opportunity to include Nieves in our breeding program!

For a limited time I will consider selling Dulce. If she is here in the spring I plan to bred her to Mi Sueno.

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Pilar de la Pluma 2016 Filly



Venus de Vez-SOLD
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA # 55917
DOB 6/8/10

(Coral de Vez x La Alazana La Muneca)  Venus is a golden palomino Coral LaCe granddaughter with lots of chrome.  She is green under saddle and will resume light training over the winter. 



SCF Carmelita -SOLD
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 39,315
DOB 7/19/01

(Coral's Monarca de Vez x Dulcinea Salago) This cream buckskin Coral LaCe granddaughter has a sweet personality, and accurate fast Largo gait.
            I like this mare a lot but will consider selling her.  I will continue to use her in our breeding program until we find the right home for her.

Video Links
Carmelita's first time under saddle after a long period of inactivity.
For Sale:
$4500 SOLD





Misteria de Pluma (SOLD)
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 38508
DOB 7/6/01

(Mi Sueno x Ilusion de Estaban) This 14.2H chestnut mare has lots of chrome, lots of training, and is a proven broodmare. She is a go anywhere do anything mare for just about any level rider. She has wonderful natural gait with a lot of range from flashy parade corto to flying largo. This mare has partial to full vision loss in one eye due to an injury. She is well adapted and most people would not guess if not pointed out.

Video Sept '14



Retained in our breeding program

Exquisita has successfully completed AERC & ECTRA limited and middle distance ride competitions with 100% completion record in 2013 & 2014.

Exquisita's daughter, Lluvia de la Pluma started her own distance career in 2013 and has been doing well for her owner. 


Exquisita de la Pluma™
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 46,954
DOB 5/1/05

(Mi Sueno x CoQueta Marvillosa)
This beautiful dapple buckskin Paso Fino mare is one of my favorite de Pluma horses! Exquisita linebred on the Legendary Paso Fino Stallion,  Coral LaCe.  Her sire is our own Coral LaCe son, Mi Sueno. Her dam is a granddaughter of Sundancer Mako, a Coral LaCe son well known for his Largo. Exquisita was measured 11/07 at 14.1, Measured 8/11 14.2 Hands.

Exquisita de la Pluma was trained under saddle as a 3 yr old.  She was used lightly on trails before producing a nice buckskin filly, Lluvia de la Pluma, in 2009. Lluvia is owned by an endurance rider who has successfully competed her in both Endurance (LD's) and Competitive Trail competitions.
Due to Exqusita's important bloodlines we have always planned on her staying in our breeding program. However in May 2012 she started a training tune up and she was back on trail the first day! In 2013 Exquisita accompanied me on a few camping, trail riding trips to MD and FL while she conditioned for her first long distance Competitive Trail Ride (CTR). 2013 & 2014 Exquisita competed regularly in AERC Endurance (LD's) and ECTRA Competitive Trail events building up to 2 day 50 mile events before life events caused us to take a break from competition.

Exquisita is 34.5% Coral LaCe

Exquisita video:

Under Saddle YouTube Video:

Corto YouTube Video:

Largo YouTube Video:

Speed YouTube Video:

Exquisita with her daughter Lluvia


Retained in our breeding program

Divina has limited long distance trail riding experience          


Divina de Pluma™
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 39,503
DOB 6/19/01

(Mi Sueno x Santaana T)
Divina is a daughter of our Coral LaCe son, Mi Sueno and it shows! She has his size, smooth accurate gait and significant largo speed. Measured at 22 months at 14.1 Hands she matured over 14.3 Hands. Divina has lots of trail experience, some show including a largo race to her credit. She is a proven broodmare but has primarily been a pleasure riding horse.
This elegant Paso Fino mare will go all day long and then some. 2013 Divina started her distance career completing a 25 mile CTR and 30 mile LD before going into the breeding shed 2014 & 2015. Divina blessed us with two amazing buckskin Paso Fino offspring; Sendra de la Pluma and Futuro de la Pluma.

Divina is 28% Coral LaCe

Divina Video Links

Under Saddle


In the woods, log and steep hill

Divina water crossing

Divina woods


Retained in our Breeding Program

Corina has a 100% completion record
in AERC Endurance limited distance
and CTR events including back to back LD's


Corina de Pluma™
Paso Fino Mare

PFHA# 39,002
DOB 4/22/01

(Mi Sueno x Unos Esperanza)
Corina means sweetheart in Spanish or precious stone in Greek and both are truly fitting. Measured at 48 months at 14.2 Hands.

Corina is my very favorite de Pluma horse to date.  She is brave and forward, preferring to lead. She is a smart horse that knows how to take care of herself and her rider.  Corina and I have traveled 1000's of miles together. She always eats and drinks enthusiastically.  She camps well alone or with other horses.  She loves to go but is very sensible and has never refused a request.

Corina's dam, Unos Esperanza earned the 2004 PFHA High Point CTR Horse of the Year with up to 5 different riders. Corina's own long distance trail riding career includes back to back AERC Endurance LD's as well as many ECTRA Competitive Trail competitions and a 100% completion record.  
In 2006 Corina blessed us with a beautiful pinto Paso Fino colt,  Chaska de la Pluma by Brisco de Pluma.  
In 2015 Corina gave us the special buckskin colt, Buscador de la Pluma, aka "Seeker" who is now owned by an Endurance Rider.
In 2016  she again exceeded my expectations with her buckskin filly, Esencia de la Pluma.

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Esencia de la Pluma

Corina is 40.5% Coral LaCe





Acerca de Tiempo de Pluma™ 
"About Time" (Sold)
Paso Fino Mare

PFHA # 46,955
DOB 4/18/05

(Mito de Mile x Melissa sin Precio)
Our first Palomino filly by Mito after more palomino sons then I can count and yes we all agreed it was about time for a palomino filly! Her sire is a Coral LaCe grandson and her dam was a Coral LaCe great granddaughter. Approx 15 hands.

Thank you Ed for helping get the perfect name on this filly! About Time has an '09 chestnut Mi Sueno filly available for sale... look for Sueno Vez de la Pluma

About Time is 18.75% Coral LaCE

I never planned to sell this mare. She is very special to me. I have recently added several mares to our breeding program and do to the recent expansion plus anticipated foals it is with mixed feelings that I will consider selling this mare. She is a quiet laid back but bold mare of extra ordinary size. She is my go to horse for visitors.

Video Links

30 day tune up

On the Trail

Water Crossing


In the woods

Bridle Path

$6500 open

For Sale
Asking $6000

Congratulations Geraldine!
Many Happy Trails 

                 Bella Sueno de Pluma - SOLD
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 52230
DOB 3/4/08

(Mi Sueno x Coleta de Mile )

This stunning palomino filly has training and is ready for your finishing touches! She is currently located near St. Augustine, Florida with plans to relocate to Feather Hill Stables in December 2013.

Her sire is our direct son of Coral LaCe and her dam also goes to Coral LaCe. Bella is 41% Coral and can be traced 3 x to this treasured Hall of Fame stallion who was 13x on the top 10 sire list! Her pedigree includes some wonderful old lines such as Corito and Poquito Senor.

Bella has much to offer both on the trail and in the breeding program! She is exceptionally natural in her gait with a remarkable range of accurate gait. 

You Tube Video Links:

For Sale
Asking $6000











  Nueva Luna de Mile - SOLD
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 54,964
DOB 5/26/09

(Pegasus Dos de Estaban x Dulce Nieves)
Luna is a 14.2H large, sweetly affectionate mare. She is well mannered and quiet. Her dam is a stunning pinto mare and Luna's sire is a homozygous Black and White son of National Champion Pleasure Stallion, Pegasus Estaban son of Bandolero Royal.

I purchased this filly to retain in my breeding program but I will consider letting her go to the right home.


For Sale:
$6000 includes the balance of 90 days training

30 days under saddle and training continues


Several short clips of Luna early in her training

Congratulations Kaye!


 Lyra's Angel 
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 30,473
DOB 04/29/98

(Picasso Elegante x Lyra de Viva-Yo)
Lyra is a tall, gentle laid back mare that has been used for trail riding, lessons and lead line. She is a chestnut & white Sabiano pinto. Lyra carries both the Tobiano and the Sabino gene. To date she has produced 100% pinto foals of both color patterns from 100% solid stallions. She is a great granddaughter of the Legendary Paso Fino Stallion; Coral LaCe thru her sire and out of a Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino mare.

Her 2001 - 2009 Production Record:
8 Foals
6 Colts
2 Fillies
4 Tobiano Pinto
4 Sabino Pinto

100% of her offspring are reported to have matured
14.2-14.3 Hands tall.

Take a look at the slide show to see what she can produce for you!

Lyra is an easy breeding mare and a good mother. She has never had any difficulty's confirming or foaling. Lyra is sound with no known health issues.

Two Short Cell Phone YouTube Clips
Taken of second time under saddle in 8 years!
This is a quiet gentle mare that with just a little tune up riding will make a great beginner horse


Lyra's owners are moving and offering Lyra for sale.
$3000 to approved home.

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