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We currently have several horses for sale that are also available for ON FARM LEASE.
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 Tesoro de la Pluma
Paso Fino Colt
PFHA# 58954
DOB 4/20/14

(Mi Sueno x Isabelle)

This special colt was born on Easter Sunday.  Tesoro is Line bred on the Legendary Paso Fino Stallion; Coral LaCe. This colt is elegant and tall, approx. 14.2 HH and still growing.  He has a natural gait with long stride. Tesoro is bred to have an impressive range of natural gait and should show a lot of speed in his Largo. His sire, Mi Sueno is a son of Coral LaCe a Hall of Fame Paso Fino Stallion who was 13 times Top Ten Sire, Twice #1 Sire of the Year.  Tesoro's dam is a daughter of Eclipse who is a grandson of Coral LaCe thru Corals Monarca de Vez. 

Tesoro has recently been started under saddle. He was imprinted at birth, he is easy to handle. Leads well, Single Ties, Cross Ties and is Learning to ground tie. Tesoro is also learning to walk and corto quietly.  His training currently focuses on reining, stopping and backing.  He is also learning to turn on the forehand and haunches. 
Tesoro has tons of potential!  He has siblings with Endurance and Competitive Trail success and he has been raised around cattle his whole life.  He has the potential to be the tall colt or gelding of your dreams!

Tesoro is 34.25% Coral LaCe

February 2017 Video

January 2017 Video

December 2016 Video Links: 

For Sale
Under Saddle
Training Continues
Inquire for update


MiAmigo Senorito Danzante
Paso Fino Gelding
PFHA# 47172
DOB 8/17/2005

(Mito de Mile x Aleralita)
2005 buckskin gelding is in for a 30 day tune up and sale!  More information and video to follow soon. Inquire.


For Sale
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 Buscador de la Pluma  - SOLD
aka Seeker
Paso Fino Colt
PFHA # 59291
DOB 5/30/15

(Sundancer de Melodia WBF x Corina de Pluma)
Friendly fearless buckskin colt is line bred Coral LaCe. His dam, Corina has CTR and LD experience with 100% completion record.  Her dam, Esperanza was the 2004 High Point CTR Horse of the Year. 

Seeker is
39% Coral LaCe
12.5% Cantante de Omega



Congratulations to the new owner!


 Futuro de la Pluma
Paso Fino Colt
PFHA# Pending
DOB 7/30/16

Sundancer Melodia x Divina de Pluma stud Colt.


Futuro is retained in our breeding program.


 Recuerdo de Pluma
aka Cuervo - SOLD
Paso Fino Gelding
PFHA # 51705
DOB# 5/2/07

(Mi Sueno x Melissa Sin Precio)
15H tall chestnut gelding. Cuervo is a Coral Grandson thru his sire Mi Sueno. Cuervo's dam Melissa was a Coral Great Grand thru El Carlo del Campo.

Cuervo's ground covering gait is perfect for your all day trail rides, Competitive Trail, or Endurance. Cuervo is playful and has a fun personality.

Summer of 2012 he had 4 months of training that included wooded trails, water crossings and traffic. He goes alone or in a group. Cuervo was started in a bosel and is now in a bit. Cuervo still enjoys being ridden bitless and at this time seems to prefer bitless.     

Cuervo Video Link:

Cuervo 2wks under saddle 2012

Cuervo In Hand

30 days started to bit Aug 2012

June 2014
August 2014

October 2014
Cuervo gives a visitor a Test Ride on a Paso Fino

For Sale





Angelo de Pluma - SOLD
Paso Fino Gelding

(Mi Sueno x Lyra's Angel) Angelo has lots of trail riding experience.  Some lessons. Some camping over night and one 25 LD to his credit.  You can ride Angelo is a hack, bosal, bit or halter.  He is laid back and relaxed with very low brio but do not be deceived...He has been clocked in largo at 14mph..

For Sale - SOLD

Congratulations Margaret!

 Alarido de MiLe - SOLD
Paso Fino Gelding
PFHA# 52530
DOB 7/19/07

(Pegasus Dox de Estaban x Dulce Nieves)

Al just arrived and has been started under saddle.
This is a beautiful, large sweet gelding! Al is quiet and laid back
He is progressing nicely in his training. Al has been on a couple trail rides and training continues. He has recently been carrying the bit and working off the bosal.
Priced to include 90 days saddle training.

Al at approx 2 weeks under saddle

Video updade take 12/21/13  

For Sale:
Under Saddle - training continues




Buffalo Blanco de Pluma - sold
Paso Fino Gelding
DOB 6/2/06

(Mi Sueno x Lyra's Angel)
Buffalo has lots of ground work training and is an experienced trail horse!  He is a full brother to our pinto stallion Pride.  This is an awesome chance to purchase a Mi Sueno offspring already under saddle!

More information coming soon!
            In 2014 Buffalo started distance with a couple
15mile CDR's and moved up
smoothly to 25 and 30 mile CTR's! 

I am looking forward to more Endurance Trail Riding news from
Kimberly and Bufalo!


For Sale:



ALS Reno - SOLD!
Paso Fino Gelding

DOB 5/3/05

(Mito de Mile x Activa de Omega)
This Sabino Palomino gelding is 14.2 Hands Tall. Stocky, Easy Keeper, Smart, Friendly, Curious, Playful (opens gaits) and loves attention. Started under saddle. Nice natural gait.

Reno's dam Activa showed Pleasure and has done a lot of breed demo's and costume parades. His sire is our Palomino Coral LaCe grandson Mito. This gelding is sweet and offers a lot of potential. If you are looking for a larger Paso with some splashy color check him out!

Video Link:

60 Days

Bridle Path




Woods with Dog

On Trail

For Sale:



 Snip has 100% completion record in AERC and ECTRA Limited Distance Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding Competitions.                                         

Recorte Poquito de Pluma aka Snip
Paso Fino Gelding

PFHA# 49630
 DOB 4/14/06

(Mi Sueno x Unos Esperanza )
Snip is a larger than life 14.3 Hand Tall Bay Paso Fino Gelding. Snip is linebred on the Legandary 13x Top Ten Paso Fino Stallion; Coral LaCe.  His sire Mi Sueno is a direct son of Coral LaCe. His dam, Unos Esperanza is a granddaughter of Coral LaCe. 

Snips dam earned the 2004 PFHA High Point Competitive Trail Horse of the Year award. (Snip experienced his first 3 day 80 mile ECTRA long distance competitive trail ride while in utero!) Two of his full sisters Corina de Pluma and Ambrosa de Pluma have distance riding accomplishments. Many of his half siblings including; Bufalo Blanco de Pluma, Angelo de Pluma, Exquisita de Pluma and Divina de Pluma also have endurance riding accomplishments under both AERC and ECTRA sanctioned Limited Distance and Competitive Trail Riding Competitions. 

2014-2015 Snip completed several 25 - 30 mile AERC and ECTRA Endurance Trail Ride LD's and Competitive Trail Limited Distance competitions, including 3 non consecutive days of the Pine Tree LD's.  100% completion record to date.

2015 & 2016 Snip has been schooling Training Level Dressage.
 More to come as Snip is taking seriously his job of forcing Brenda to be the best rider he can make her.... ;-)


Snip Video Link:

90 days

90 days II







Bridle Path

4 beat at approx. 30 days

In hand

1st time sorting cows

Not For Sale at This Time

Congratulations Diana! 


Heredero de la Pluma™
Paso Fino Gelding
PFHA# 46,981
DOB 5/1/05

(Mi Sueno x Ilusion de Estaban)
This tall chestnut colt has white on all four legs. He is a full brother to Mirage, Mysteria, and Estrella. Harry's sire is our Coral LaCe son, and his dam is line bred Chucano. This is a super cross we have been really happy with the results of. Harry is currently in training.
Measured 4/12 14.2 Hands.

Video Links:

90 Days


On the Trail

Water Crossing

Water crossing I

Raincoat I


In The Woods

For Sale



Carlos new owner plans to start him in 25 mile LD's soon!         

Carlos de la Pluma™
Paso Fino Gelding

PFHA# 56,808
DOB 5/1/09


(Mito de Mile x Carlita Sin Precio)
Another good sized de Pluma bred Paso Fino gelding! Measured 5/11 at 14.1 Hands tall. Measured 4/12 14.2 Hands and still growing.

Carlos is owned by an Endurance Rider who plans to compete him in Endurance Trail Riding Competitions.             

Carlos Video Link:
Approx 90 Days Training

For Sale:

Chico has been sold
Congratulations to the new owner!

Chico - SOLD
2007 Palomino Gelding
Dam: Isabelle
For Sale!


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