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We currently have available a few good riding horses for Sale or On Farm Lease. Inquire FMI.


Esencia de la Pluma
Paso Fino Filly
DOB 6/29/16
PFHA # Pending

(Sundancers Melodia WBF x Corina de Pluma)
DOB 6/29/16 Buckskin Paso Fino Filly is a Mi Sueno granddaughter, Coral LaCe great granddaughter. Her dam, Corina de Pluma has a successful CTR, LD record and her grand dam was 2004 PFHA High Point CTR Horse of the Year.

Esencia de la Pluma is
36% Coral LaCe
25% Cantante de Omega


For Sale

Pilar de la Pluma
Paso Fino Filly
DOB 5/16/16
PFHA# Pending

(Maraton de Mile x Dulce Nieves)
DOB 5/16/16. Mahogany Bay Paso Fino Filly blends the bloodlines of Coral LaCe and Cantante de Omega.  Pedigree is closely linked to successful distance riding Paso Finos including the dam's sister who is now doing 50's. This is a BIG filly folks! 

Filly is 15.5% Coral LaCe and 25% Cantante de Omega.

For Sale


 Joya de la Pluma
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA # 59295
DOB 5/2/15

(Mi Sueno x Isabelle Eclipse de Padre)
This Chestnut Paso Fino filly is truly a gem to be treasured!  She is perhaps the most outgoing filly I have ever known.  She demands attention and is not at all shy to tell you what spot most needs scratched!

Joya is a tall elegant and naturally smooth gaited filly. Her sire Mi Sueno is one of the youngest direct Coral LaCe offspring still producing.  Mi Sueno is known for producing offspring with size, elegance and range of gait from Corto to impressive Largo.  Many of his offspring, Joya's half siblings, are doing well in long distance CTR and Endurance trail riding events.  Her dam, Isabelle is a daughter of Eclipse, a son of Corals Monarca de Vez. Monarca is a Coral LaCe son known for his impressive Largo speed reportedly having been clocked in Largo gait at 20mph.  Eclipse is also known for his Largo reportedly having been clocked in largo gait at 18mph.

As of January 2017 Joya's training includes having been imprinted at birth and handled regularly since. She comes to you in the pasture for haltering. She leads well and stands decently for grooming and hoof care.  

Joya is an excellent prospect for distance riding.

Joya is 34.25% Coral LaCe

You Tube:



 Reina de la Pluma
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA# 59278
DOB 4/20/15

(Mi Sueno x Venus de Vez)
This Chestnut Paso Fino filly really does think she is the QUEEN of the pasture.  This is a well built, nicely gaited line bred Coral LaCe filly.  Reina's sire, Mi Sueno is a direct son of the Legandary Paso Fino Stallion, Coral LaCe.  Her dam is a palomino granddaughter of Coral LaCe.  

Reina has been handled regularly since weaning. She comes to you in the pasture for haltering and leads well. She stands decently for grooming and hoof care. She loves to have her rump scratched.  

Reina is a perfect prospect for your long distance trail riding horse. She will deliver size and natural gait with an impressive largo.  

Reina is 43.63% Coral LaCe

You Tube



ALS Neenia
Paso Fino Filly

DOB 7/20/2006 

(Mito de Mile x Activa) 

14 Hands, very stocky easy keeper. Great natural gait. Loves attention, very friendly smart and brave/bold. Started under saddle. This filly has a very quick performance type gait.

Neenia received several months of training in 2012 and light occasional trail riding since. 

Nina Video Links:

90 Days






Bridle Path



     Sueno Vez de la Pluma™ SOLD
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA# 59,034
DOB 4/15/09

(Mi Sueno x About Time)
Is there a chestnut Paso Fino mare in your future? This filly measured 14.1 Hands tall 6/12. This filly is sweet, willing and well gaited, forward moving with a nice range. She goes alone or in a group. In the woods or on the road with traffic. She is an excellent prospect for pleasure trail riding or competitive distance trail riding. She is ready for her new home! 

You Tube Video Links:

6/13 short clip

Hear her natural 4 beat approx 2wks under saddle:

Trail steep hills

Bridle Path

Around Tractor

Water Crossing

Tacking Up

Riding in the field

Riding in the driveway

Sueno hear natural 4 beat – 60 days

Sueno 60 days under saddle


Woods I




Congratulations to the new owners!


 Muneca de la Pluma - SOLD
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA# Pending
DOB 5/28/15

(Sundancer de Melodia WBF x Lucero de Mi Sueno Pluma) Chestnut  Paso Fino Filly blending champion bloodlines of Top Ten Paso Fino Sires Coral LaCe and Plebeyo.  Muneca is sweet as any baby doll you could imagine!  She loves attention and scratches.  Displays a beautiful natural gait and curious personality.

Muneca is
32.75% Coral LaCe
25% Sundancer Mako
12.5% Cantante de Omega
6% Plebeyo

You Tube

Congratulations Bethany! 


  Fuerza de la Pluma-SOLD
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA# 59292
DOB 5/10/15

(Mi Sueno x SCF Carmelita) This
Palomino Paso Fino filly was born on Mothers Day.  Her personality tells me she will bring all the FORCE and STRENGTH of her Pedigree to the table for whatever she is asked to do in the future. 
Fuerza combines some of the greatest old Paso Fino blood lines to bring you athletic ground covering natural gait in a palomino wrapper. Her sire Mi Sueno is one of the youngest direct Coral LaCe offspring still producing.  Mi Sueno is known for producing elegant natural gait, size, and ground covering gait. Manyof his offspring are doing well in Competitive trail and endurance.  Her buckskin dam Carmelita, is a daughter of another Coral son also buckskin, Coral's Monarca de Vez also known for his Largo speed.

Fuerza is 40.50% Coral LaCe

You Tube:



Senda de la Pluma
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA# 59280
DOB 5/21/15

(Sundancer de Melodia WBF x Divina de Pluma)
Senda is a tall elegant Buckskin Paso Fino Filly.  Senda means trail or path and seems very fitting for several reasons.  The Path or trail of the Feather Hill "de Pluma" breeding program has lead to this filly and I am personally looking forward to many miles on the trail with Senda as my personal mount.  Only God knows where the path will take us!

Senda is 32.75% Coral LaCe
12.5% Cantante de Omega


Retained for our distance and future breeding program



For Sale:

 Bella Sueno de Pluma - SOLD!
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA# 52230
DOB 3/4/08

(Mi Sueno x   Coleta de Mile )

This stunning palomino Paso Fino filly has training and is ready for your finishing touches!  She is currently located near St. Augustine, Florida with plans to relocate to Feather Hill Stables in December 2013.

Her sire is our direct son of Coral LaCe and her dam also goes to Coral LaCe. Bella is 41% Coral and can be traced 3 x to this treasured Hall of Fame stallion who was 13x on the top 10 sire list!  Her pedigree includes some wonderful old lines such as Corito and Poquito Senor.

Bella has much to offer both on the trail and in the breeding program!  She is exceptionally natural in her gait with a remarkable range of accurate gait.   

Asking $6000  

You Tube Video Links:


             For Sale $6000

Congratulations Kaye!


   Nueva Luna de Mile - SOLD
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA# 54,964
DOB 5/26/09

(Pegasus Dos de Estaban x Dulce Nieves)
Luna is a 14.2H large, sweetly affectionate Paso Fino mare. She is well mannered and quiet. Her dam is a stunning pinto mare and Luna's sire is a homozygous Black and White son of National Champion Pleasure Stallion, Pegasus Estaban son of Bandolero Royal.

I purchased this filly to retain in my breeding program but I will consider letting her go to the right home

For Sale:
$6000 includes the balance of 90 days training

30 days under saddle and training continues


Several short clips of Luna early in her training

Video update 12/21/13

Congratulations Kaye!

  For Sale:
Congratulations Jeorgie!

   Sundancers Destiny - SOLD
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA# 53248
DOB 5/22/08

(Sundancers Dorado de Vez x Corals Desiree de Vez)

This 14.1H beautiful sweet golden palomino Paso Fino filly has an in your pocket personality. Destiny is smart and she begs your attention

Her sire is featured on our stallion page. His lines skillfully cross the legendary Hall of Fame, 13x Top Ten sire, Coral LaCe with the best Puerto Rican lines. Her dam is a Coral LaCe daughter crossed on Foundation Sire Hillachas.

Take a look at this filly. You are going to love her!!


For Sale:
$5000 includes 90 days training

30 days under saddle and training continues

Video Links:

Destiny approx 2nd week of training         


              Congratulations Susan!
LuLu has successfully completed her
 first 30 mile CTR with her new owner.

         Lluvia de la Pluma™ SOLD
Paso Fino Filly

DOB 04/04/09

( Corito's Viento de Vez  x Exquisita de la Pluma)  
Lluvia aka LuLu is a Coral LaCe great granddaughter thru her buckskin dam, Exqusita.  Her sire, Corito, is a pure Puerto Rican Buckskin Paso Fino stallion.  She has a very natural gait with exceptional speed.  Lluvia's dam, Exquisita de la Pluma has accumulated 100% completion record for AERC and ECTRA endurance and competitive trail riding limited distance competitions.  
In the following Video Lluvia is Under saddle with 90 days training. 
For Sale:
Lluvia Video Links:

Lluvia with her dam Exquisita

In the woods

Water crossing


Log crossing


Steep hill


Bridle path


No Longer For Sale!
the owner has been riding Dotty and has
 fallen in love with her!

   Dorthea de la Pluma
Paso Fino Filly
DOB 4/25/09
PFHA # 57204

(Mi Sueno x Unos Esperanza) This Paso Fino filly is a full sister to the gelding Snip and mares Corina, Ambrosa and Novia! Check it out, last one of this wonderful cross!

90 days saddle training. On the trail! Ready for her new home.
Dotty offers a super natural smooth gait with an impressive largo. Her dam was 2004 PFHA High Point Competitive Trail Horse of the Year. Her full sister Corina has several hundred miles of CTR and Endurance competition.
Tons of potential in this beautiful filly!

For Sale:
No Longer For Sale!

Doty Video Links

Under saddle


Water crossing




Raincoat I





  Gitana de la Pluma™
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA # 57,084
DOB 4/11/09

(Mi Sueno x Mercedez )
This is a another very tall filly! She is a sweetheart! 
Measured 14.2 Hands tall 11/10. 
Measured 14.3 Hands tall 11/13. 
Measured 14.35 2/14.
Gitana is the perfect horse we can put visitors, husbands, and beginners on to experience the smooth natural gait of the Paso Fino Horse.  Gitana is quiet, sensible, non competitive yet boasts an impressive Largo. She is traffic safe with many trail miles including overnight camping trips and lessons added to her resume. 

Gitana is 28% Coral LaCe 
out of a Pure Puerto Rican dam.


Gitana Video Links:

Corto Largo


In Training

In the woods

Water Crossing


On the trail, log and hill




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